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[Review] Set It Off, With Confidence, Super Whatevr, and LIFT in Boston, MA

Maxx Danzinger of Set It Off

On March 8th, Tampa-based rock band Set It Off dropped by Paradise Rock Club during their biggest headlining tour yet, selling out the 933-person venue. The North American leg of the Midnight Tour began mid-February, selling out nearly every date. Alongside the boys in With Confidence, Super Whatevr, and Love In Future Times (L.I.F.T), they had the audience dancing and singing along to every beat for the entirety of the night.

Emo hip-hop quartet L.I.F.T started out the night with their high-energy, genre-bending set. Vocalist Austin Arthur’s enthusiasm was contagious and the band took advantage of every opportunity to connect with the audience. Closing out their set with one of their biggest hits, “Vampires,” L.I.F.T had the audience off their feet and craving more.

Following L.I.F.T’s electrifying performance, emo-rock artist Super Whatevr took the stage. Starting out slow with “Kathrin with a K,” frontman Skyler (Sky) McKee’s grungy vocals blended perfectly with the sporadic guitar riffs reminiscent of 2011-era Arctic Monkeys. Definitely a change of pace from L.I.F.T’s rambunctious set, but a fun one nonetheless.

Hailing all the way from Sydney, Australia, pop-punk trio With Confidence rounded out the opening acts with the perfect combination of sprightly guitar riffs & lead vocalist Jayden Seeley’s smooth, spunky vocals. It was immediately evident upon the boys’ entry that just as much of the audience was there for With Confidence as they were for Set It Off. They played plenty of high-energy hits such as “Voldemort,” “Archers,” and “That Something,” as well as their newly-released plugged-in version of “Paquerette (Without Me).” It’s not often that a band starts out with an acoustic song and then releases a fully plugged-in version a year later, but they really hit the mark with this one. The energy in the room was contagious as both new and old fans alike came together to let loose and have fun, to dance and sing their hearts out before the main act hit the stage.

Cody Carson of Set It Off

Last but certainly not least, Set If Off took the stage by storm and delivered a performance that left fans asking for an encore after the encore. Teasing the audience with a digital countdown clock prior to making their entrance, the boys knew exactly how to amp up the crowd and get the vibes going. Everything about the set – the LED backdrop, the positioning of the band on stage, even frontman Cody Carson’s vivid blue hair – fit together seamlessly to bring the Midnight World Tour to life.

Starting off their set with “Lonely Dance,” Set It Off had their fans singing & dancing along the second Carson started the first verse. The boys kept up the energy throughout the entire set, and each band member’s talents were showcased throughout the night. Drummer Maxx Danzinger gave an epic show with a drum solo medley of hits such as Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” Halsey’s “Without Me,” and a pop-punk drum remix of the popular kids’ song, “Baby Shark.” Dan Clermont blew everyone away with key trumpet solos that are so integral to Set It Off’s unique sound. Carson’s vocals were pitch-perfect and his personality shone when he invited a child to help him out on stage. Set It Off promised to deliver on this tour, and they did that and more.

Set It Off, With Confidence, Super Whatevr, and L.I.F.T certainly gave fans a night to remember, and at the end of the night it was obvious that a good time was had by all.