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[Review] Against the Current, Chapel, Guccihighwaters in Boston, MA

On April 18th, energetic pop-rock outfit Against the Current brought their Past Lives World Tour to Boston, MA. Touring in support of their second full-length album released this past September, this upstate New York trio have rapidly been gaining traction as they’ve made their way across the globe. The band kicked off their tour in Asia this past fall, have been traveling across North America for the past two months, and will be crossing the seas for the European leg of their tour next month.

Against the Current consists of lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow, and drummer Will Ferri. Formed in 2011, Costanza initially built a substantial fan base through her YouTube channel after appearing on several song covers with notable YouTube artists and uploading makeup and style tutorials. Now with 1.1 million Instagram followers, she’s become a household name for those in the pop-rock scene – a trailblazer for female artists in a male-dominated industry.

Perhaps what makes this tour most intriguing is the eclectic mix of genres presented throughout the night. Rap/R&B artist Guccihighwaters started off the night with a handful of tracks that had the whole crowd bumping and swaying with the beat. Through pieces such as i’m so sick of this and i thought i died inside, his emphasis on the importance of mental health and self-love is prevailing.

Indie pop outfit Chapel followed Guccihighwaters’ set and brought a very different type of energy to the room. The band is made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Carter Hardin and drummer Kortney Grinwis, who pride themselves on “making music their parents would like.” The combination of Hardin’s high energy and Grinwis’ explosive drum solos had the whole audience off their feet and dancing by the end of the set.

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When Against the Current finally took the stage, the energy in the room was electric. Starting off the night with one of their biggest hits, Strangers Again, it was clear that this night was going to be one for the books. The band puts 110% into every song they perform, making sure to engage with the audience at every possible chance. Costanza has tremendous stage presence, and during Wasteland showed off her impressive flexibility by performing a back-bend that would put a lot of us in the hospital if we were to attempt the same. The encore consisted of a tranquil stripped-down acoustic version of one of the band’s older songs, Running with the Wild Things, and then the night ended with a plugged-in Another You, Another Way.

If you are a fan of pop, rock, R&B, or indie music (or any combination of those), you won’t want to miss this tour!