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[Review] Seaway, Young Culture, Free Throw, Heart Attack Man in Worcester, MA

Ryan Locke of Seaway (Photo by Lisa Eggleston)

If you were near the Worcester Palladium during the late afternoon hours of Easter Sunday, you might have passed what looked like a group of nicely-dressed young men on their way to a family dinner. If this was you, then I regret to inform you that although they were nicely-dressed, they definitely were not on their way to dinner. In fact, these five Canadian dudes (also known as Seaway) were about to take the stage for one of the most epic, stereotypically pop-punk shows you could ask for. Touring in support of their 2017 album Vacation, the recent release of their Fresh Produce compilation, and in anticipation of a new album to be released this year, the guys started the Fresh Produce Tour in Rochester, NY on April 11 and will wrap up in Lakewood, OH on May 11.

Ryan Locke of Seaway (Photo by Lisa Eggleston)

Seaway is made up of musicians Ryan Locke (lead vocals), Patrick Carleton (rhythm guitar & co-vocals), Andrew Eichinger (lead guitar & backing vocals), Adam Shoji (bass), and Ken Taylor (drums/percussion). Performing some of their biggest hits such as Something Wonderful (“We are weird and painful, just like Ross and Rachel… let’s take a shot at something wonderful”) and Lula on the Beach (“You can find us on our mini vacation, this is where I wanna be – I’m with Lula on the beach”) there was no shortage of crowd surfing, fan vocals, dancing, or moshing at this venue.

Ryan Locke and Adam Shoji of Seaway (Photo by Lisa Eggleston)

Supporting Seaway throughout this tour are pop-punk acts Heart Attack Man, Free Throw, and Young Culture. Cleveland-based alt-rockers Heart Attack Man released their second full-length album Fake Blood just last week, and bathed the venue in red light in support of it. Heart Attack Man is made up of vocalist Eric Egan, guitarist Tyler Sickels, bassist Seamus Groman, and drummer Adam Paduch. These four musicians took some of our most hard-hitting emotions – notably anger and frustration – and turned them into some of the catchiest emo-pop tunes that you might not have thought possible.

Cory Castro of Free Throw (Photo by Lisa Eggleston)

Punk-rockers Cory Castro (vocals & rhythm guitar), Jake Hughes (rhythm guitar & backing vocals), Lawrence Warner (lead guitar), Justin Castro (bass), and Kevin Garcia (drums & backing vocals) preceded Young Culture’s set. This quintet is a band called Free Throw, and donning birthday hats in celebration of Andrew Eichinger’s birthday, they played several hits from their three full-length albums, Those Days Are Gone, Bear Your Mind, and What’s Past Is Prologue. The band had no problem connecting with fans in between songs, chatting about the hockey playoffs, Eichinger’s birthday, and everything in between. Their desire to have a good time while giving their fans a superb show was evident throughout their set.

Alexander Magnan (vocals) and Troy Burchett (guitar) of Young Culture (Photo by Lisa Eggleston)

Young Culture hails from Albany, NY and consists of Alexander Magnan (vocals), Troy Burchett (guitar), Gabe Pietrafasa (guitar), and Nick Cavin (drums). Since the release of their new EP (This is) Heaven this past January, they have taken the pop-punk world by storm and placed on Billboard’s “New Artist” and “Indie” charts (at #22 and #53, respectively). Having grown up just a few towns away from these guys, it’s really neat to see how successful they’ve become. They are sure to have gained many new fans throughout the past couple weeks, as they put on a performance that is proving difficult to scrutinize. It is clear that Young Culture enjoys what they are doing, and the band’s energy is contagious.

Nick Pietrafasa of Young Culture (Photo by Lisa Eggleston)

If you’re looking for a place where you can jam out to melodic pop-punk and leave all of your worries behind for a few hours, look no further. Catch Seaway, Young Culture, Free Throw, and Heart Attack Man on tour before it ends! Tickets can be found here.

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